La Boheme - Act III

La Boheme has been rightly called a true work of genius and its composer's masterpiece. A tender, tragic story of love among the artists and their residents of the Latin Quarter, in Paris of the 1890's. It is a perennial favorite of Opera fans! Act 3 finds us on the outskirts of Paris, outside of a tavern. Mimi comes searching for Rudolfo and briefly discusses her situation with his friend Marcello, a painter. Their affair has ended due to Rudolfo's constant jealousy, she explains, and begs Marcello to send Rudolfo to her for a final farewell. Marcello agrees, but as Rudolfo suddenly appears, Mimi conceals herself.
Rudolfo tells Marcello he fears for Mimi's life, for she is consuptive and past help. A fit of coughing reveals Mimi's presence to Rudolfo and the lovers are united in a tender farewell duet. Marcello and the ever flirtatious Musetta come from the tavern quarreling, and the four voices and their mixed emotions form a beautiful quartette, as the act closes.

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